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Professional, high-quality training services.

SQSH offers professional, high-quality training services in peer counseling, protest support, non-hierarchical facilitation, and related socio-emotional skills from a trauma-informed, LGBTQIA-affirming, and anti-oppressive lens, using best practices from the fields of social work, mental health, and peer support.

We want to work with you to create a world where everyone has access to both professional and informal queer-affirming health supports. Through our training program, participants gain peer counseling skills, an understanding of queer issues, knowledge of St. Louis resources, and confidence in their ability to be LGBTQIA+ advocates. We offer trainings in LGBTQIA-affirming peer counseling and service interaction skills to service providers, administrative staff, community organizations, support groups, schools and universities, guidance and career counselors, teachers and faculty, friend groups and family units, roommates and flatmates, conferences and social networks.

Who can sign up for a SQSH training?

What training options does SQSH offer?

Note: The modules and durations above are suggested as part of our standard curriculum but can be flexible. We are happy to tailor our training modules and durations to your needs and preferences. Contact for a free initial consultation!

What can I expect from a SQSH Training?

SQSH’s Trainers will deliver customized, high-quality training tailored to your needs. Our trainers will help you and your peers/staff/volunteers learn more about peer counseling and improve their socio-emotional skills in a low-pressure environment. Your friend group/family/organization/workplace will be equipped and empowered with the tools to more effectively support each other through the ups and downs of life/work. Our classes will lower the barriers to providing and receiving peer support for you and those around you.

How much do SQSH’s trainings cost?

In the spirit of economic equity, we charge on a sliding scale basis. Based on the class size and you organization’s/school’s annual budget, your personal annual income, or your friend group’s/family’s collective annual income, find your anticipated training price using the table below:

Your Annual Budget Size or Personal/Collective Income
Class Size $0 <$10k $10k to $100k $100k to $500k $500k to $1m >$1m
0 to 10 $0 (pro bono) $50 per hour $100 per hour $200 per hour $400 per hour $800 per hour
10 to 20 $0 (pro bono) $75 per hour $150 per hour $300 per hour $600 per hour $1.2k per hour
20 to 30 $0 (pro bono) $100 per hour $200 per hour $400 per hour $800 per hour $1.6k per hour
20 to 30 $0 (pro bono) $125 per hour $250 per hour $500 per hour $1k per hour $2k per hour
Free initial consultation. Discounts are available to SQSH’s community partners on a case-by-case basis.

What upcoming SQSH trainings can I join?

Come experience SQSH’s trainings for yourself! SQSH is teaching a 10-session peer counseling series in 2021, where we offer accessible, trans-led, interactive community courses on Fridays 6-7.30pm over Zoom.
  • Paraphrasing & Summarizing (Jan 8)
  • Mirroring Language & Tone (Feb 5)
  • Open-Ended Questions (Mar 5)
  • Validating & Normalizing (Apr 30)
  • Cheerleading (May 28)
  • Mythbusting (June 25)
  • Exploring Feelings (July 23)
  • Safety Planning (Aug 20)
  • Introducing Resources (Sep 17)
  • Grounding Exercises (Oct 15)

What can I expect at the event?

You’ll get to practice your LGBTQIA-affirming emotional support skills with other community members. Our experienced queer trainers will demystify peer counseling and break down the elements of a supportive conversation for you. We’ll strive to create an empathetic, compassionate space for participants to make mistakes and grow together as peers.

Event Features

Spots are limited. 20 tickets per class are available on a free, pay-what-you-can, or standard pricing ($20) basis. Register for tickets before they run out! Additional interested participants will be added to our waitlist and notified if spots open. Join us for 1 session - or all 10! We offer certificates for participants who complete all 10 modules. Webcams not required. Folx who feel awkward, socially anxious, or unconfident are especially welcome.

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